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Workshop Policies

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 Make check payable to Q.U.I.L..T., Inc.  Include a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope.
 A list of materials and supplies, if needed, will be sent to you in your SASE.  If the workshop is filled, you will be put on a waiting list and your check will not be deposited until you are accepted in the workshop.  Refunds for cancellations will only be made if your place can be filled from a waiting list.  Workshop and waiting list policies are in the Q.U.I.L.T., Inc's Members' Guide.

Along with supplies for the Workshop, please note this request.  Please contact the coordinator if you are unable to attend because Q.U.I.L.T. Inc.’s policy states that your registration fee will be forfeited unless someone on the waiting list is able to take your place.  Please wear your name tag and enjoy the workshop.

Workshop Coordinator:  Kathy Ewart

Workshop Supplies

Supply lists will be added as available.

You must pre-register for all workshops with the Workshop registrar.

October, 2018
Thomas Knauer

Encoded Quilts ( 1 1/2 day workshop - must attend both sessions)
Oct. 11 9:30-3:30
Oct. 12 12:30-3:30

 Click HERE for supply list and picture.


November, 2018
Barbara Cline

Nov. 8 9:30-3:30 Twirling Swirling Dance

Pattern: Twirling Swirling Dance (I will bring pattern when I come.) $5.00

Cream    3/4 yard
Navy    2 1/4 yards
Print    3/4 yard

Have the following precut before class:
Cut the following strips and pieces.  Note: wof = width of fabric.
    2) 1 1/2” x wof
    6) 2 1/2” x wof
    1) 1 1/2” x wof
    6) 2 1/4” x wof (for binding)
    6) 2 1/2” x wof
    2) 3 1/2” x wof
    1) 21 1/8” x wof; subcut into 1) 21 1/8” square, cut twice diagonal.    From                          remaining strip cut 1)14 ½” square
    1) 14 1/2” x wof; subcut into 3) 14 ½” squares.
    1) 1 1/2” x wof
    8) 2 1/2” x wof

Supply List
Sewing thread    
Seam ripper
Rotary mat (18" x 20" or bigger)
Rotary cutter
Rotary ruler with a 45° line on it
Small ironing board and mat (optional)
Fabric marking pencil
Lead pencil

Nov. 9 12:30-3:30 Pinwheel Pizzazz

 Supply List for Pinwheel Pizzazz:

Pattern: Pinwheel Pizzazz

Large dot    ½ yard for pinwheel and second border
Green        ½ yard for pinwheel and first border
Gray        ¼ yard for pinwheel
Navy        2/3 for pinwheel and binding
White        ¼  for background
Batting        21” x 42”
Backing    5/8 for backing

Sewing thread
Seam ripper
Rotary mat
Rotary cutter
Rotary ruler
Small ironing board and mat (optional)
One sheet of template plastic
Fabric marking pencil
Lead pencil
Glue stick or double sided scotch tape



January, 2019
Sue Pfau

Jan. 11 12:30-3:30  Shoo-Dash

Click HERE for supply list.

Shoo-Dash Quilt Requirements for Class
We will be making the Lap Size, 60” x 60” (you can make the baby one if you want!).
At least 40 layer cake squares (10” x 10”) in a variety of colors and prints. Make sure there are some fabrics that read as solid. This pattern does not work well if the fabric is mostly busy or large prints.
Cutting tools for squaring up HSTs ( I use my 6 ½” square ruler).
Sewing machine and supplies, including a pencil
It is always nice to do the cutting at home. I would just say make sure you take (cut) a variety of fabrics for shoo dash center blocks. I find it is hard to concentrate in class and cutting can be tricky. We don’t want any cutting mistakes!


April, 2019
Susan Vassallo

April 11 9:30-3:30 Modern Design: Transforming Tradition


1. Batik panel or theme fabric panel (small selection available from instructor or go to ArtisticArtifacts.com, click Batiktambal)

2. 11 fat quarters in same color family & 3 accents (14 total; Island Batik Fabric is a good source); bring more fabric if you like

3. Sewing machine (including appliqué foot) & thread

4. Rotary cutter, ruler, & cutting board

5. Scissors & seam ripper

6. Iron & ironing surface (unless supplied by event)

7. Water spray bottle

8. 36ʺ x 36ʺ paper for template or to use as a design wall

(Batik panels will be available for sale, cash only, in class)

April 12 12:30-3:30 Radiant Bloom


1. One yard for background, border, and pixel block

2. ¾ yard for flower center, border accent, pixel block & binding

3. Four fat quarters in a variety of colors and printed textures for flower and pixel block

4. For three day class: backing and batting

5. Chalk marker, pencil, tape

6. Six pieces of tracing or notebook paper

7. Variety of couching fiber, yarn, rickrack, variegated thread, etc. (for finishing raw edge appliqué)

8. Rotary cutter, seam ripper, & cutting board

9. Sewing machine (including appliqué foot) & thread

10. Ironing surface

11. Basting glue (Fabric-Tac permanent adhesive by Beacon or your favorite brand)




May, 2019
Debby Brown

May 10 12:30-3:30 Cutie Quilt

  Supply List for Jack's Star Cutie Quilt


Jack's Star
Material requirements, cutting and piecing instructions for this 57 inch 75 inch quilt.
Material Requirements:                   
Cutie Pack                        1 (16 fat eighths)
Background                      3 yards 
Binding                             5/8 yard  

Machine with neutral piecing thread and accurate 1/4" seam
rotary cutter
ruler (6"x12" or larger)
square ruler (8 1/2" square or larger)
ironing mat/board
thread snips


Mini workshops may be held after Guild meetings.  Here are notes from the 2010 miniworkshops

Beginning Quilting - January, 2010

Rotary Cutting - February 2010

Machine Piecing and Borders/Rotary Cutting - March, April 2010

 Faced Applique - Sept. 2010

The results of the May, 2010, workshop survey:WorkshopSurvey_2010.pdf