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 A list of materials and supplies, if needed, will be sent to you in your SASE.  If the workshop is filled, you will be put on a waiting list and your check will not be deposited until you are accepted in the workshop.  Refunds for cancellations will only be made if your place can be filled from a waiting list.  Workshop and waiting list policies are in the Q.U.I.L.T., Inc's Members' Guide.

Along with supplies for the Workshop, please note this request.  Please contact the coordinator if you are unable to attend because Q.U.I.L.T. Inc.’s policy states that your registration fee will be forfeited unless someone on the waiting list is able to take your place.  Please wear your name tag and enjoy the workshop.

Workshop Coordinator:  Kathy Ewart

Workshop Supplies

Supply lists will be added as available.

You must pre-register for all workshops with the Workshop registrar.

October, 2017

Timna Tarr

Oct 12  930-3:30 - Improvisational Piecing

 Do you want to learn to let loose with your piecing? In this workshop students will get tips and tricks for making fun, spontaneous quilts.  As each student works on her own improvisational piece there will be ample time for experimentation and real time problem solving.

Supply List

•    Sewing machine in good working order
•    Basic sewing supplies (pins, needle for machine, seam ripper etc.)
•    Scissors
•    Rotary cutter, mat, and a couple of your favorite acrylic rulers.
•    Neutral thread
•    3, 1/3 yards of solid fabrics – 1 light, 1 medium, 1 dark value all in the same color family
•    Fabric scraps from your stash – an assortment of light, medium, and dark values. Now I know you’re going to ask me how many scraps and how big? That’s hard to quantify – but a grocery bag worth of scraps, whatever sizes you have will work. Remember this is Improvisational Piecing – we’ll improv with whatever you come up with!

Oct. 13 12:30-3:30 - Map Quilts

In this workshop each participant will make a map of a location central to the group, which will give them the steps needed to create maps of their own favorite locations. (There is an additional kit fee of $5 that pays for the printing of the paper template map, payable to Timna Tarr.)

Supply List:

-Sewing Machine
-Basic Sewing Supplies, including small scissors
Iron/Ironing Mat
-3/4 yard good quality muslin or other white fabric
-Assorted 1/4 yards of fabric. They will represent water, parks, roads and any other landmarks on the map.
-Coordinating thread
-Black Sharpie
-2/3 yard of two-sided iron-on fusible such as Steam-A-Seam, Wonder Under, or Heat and Bond (Misty Fuse does not work with this technique).
-Blue water-soluble marker
-Scotch Tape
-Silicone Pressing sheet (if you have one)

November, 2017

Amanda Liens


Nov. 9 9:30 - 3:00 Piec-lique : This is Mandy’s favorite technique. She learned it from her friend Sharon Schamber who has written a book: Piec-lique: Curves the new way.  This involves using freezer paper templates and glue basting. It can be done by hand or machine. For this workshop we will be making a traditional block.

Click HERE for picture and supply list.



Nov. 10 12:30-3:30  Mitered seams and inset designs : Making a small pillow project from the book (Wanderlust Quilts), I cover the basics for getting accurate cuts on the diagonal, how to glue baste, and how to sew blocks constructed with these techniques.


Click HERE for picture and supply list.



January, 2018

Betty Pillsbury

January 12 (12:30-3:30) Crazy Embroidery

Students need to bring fabric on which to stitch (12 x 18 or so).  Could be muslin, could be a crazy quilt block, could be cotton.  Embroidery floss and needles.  Scissors.  Embroidery hoop (5" or 6"), if the student desires (I don't use them usually).

April, 2018

Karen Kay Buckley

Apr.12 (9:30 - 3:30) Circles Squared


Circles Squared-Machine Applique

This is a really fun machine appliquéd wall quilt.  You will learn to make sharp points, smooth curves, perfect circles, straight and even stems and there is a little reverse appliqué for some added fun.  The technique I teach is a prepared edge method using an invisible stitch.   Come join me for a fun day of machine appliqué. 

CIRCLES SQUARED-Machine appliqué This is a really fun machine appliquéd wall quilt.  You will learn to make sharp points, smooth curves, perfect circles, straight and even stems and there is a little reverse appliqué for some added fun.  The technique I teach is a prepared edge method using an invisible stitch.   Come join me for a fun day of machine appliqué.   PATTERN PLUS FEE:  $30.00-includes pattern, Templar, transfer papers, circles, brush, handouts, stabilizer and more.  


SUPPLIES: -Rotary cutter, board and ruler -Scissors for paper and fabric * -Sewing machine in good working order. Bring your best machine for the best results. -Open embroidery foot for your machine -Empty bobbin -Pencil -Fine, thin pins * -Fabric markers to trace around templates on fabric * -Blue water soluble washout marker * -Painters Tape -Needle for hand sewing  -60/8 microtex needles for machine appliqué * -80/12 machine needles -Thread-any color for a little basting  -Thread-A very fine clear and smoked nylon, monofilament or polyester thread* -Fine grain piece of sand paper or a sand paper board -Iron and pressing board -Emery board *Items available for purchase in class at a discounted price

 FABRICS Background- 14” x 20” Borders-20” x 8” 8-9 different fabrics for circles and border squares, each piece 10” x 10” 4 different green fabrics for leaves, each piece 4” x 11” Stems 14” x 4” piece


April 13 (12:30-3:30) Fiesta Mexico, Block 3

While sewing on this 10" square block you will learn to sew smooth curves, sharp points and perfect circles. I will make your hand applique experience fun, easy and enjoyable.

This supply list is for the three hour workshop only. 

Fiesta Mexico-Block 3  SUPPLY LIST

Hand Appliqué 

During my visits to Mexico I was influenced by the designs and colors of their handmade pottery and the flora.  I designed a large quilt called “Fiesta Mexico” and this is one of the blocks from that quilt.  For this 3 hour workshop I added a wonderful border to the 10” square center block.  In addition to learning to appliqué smooth curves and sharp points you will also learn to create and appliqué perfect ¼” strips and perfect circles of differing sizes.  I will make your hand appliqué fun, easy and enjoyable. 

 PATTERN PLUS FEE:  $24.00 (Does not include fabric) It does include the full Fiesta Mexico pattern (12 patterns in all), 2 sheets of Templar, a brush, the border pattern, glue pen and 5 pages of border instructions. 

SUPPLIES Package of Perfect Circles™  Scissors, both paper and fabric Small sharp pins to position appliqué Fabric markers Pencil  Emery board Sandpaper-optional Tape Iron and pressing board 

FABRIC White background fabric 12” x 12 4 green fat quarters 2 pink fat quarters 3 gold/orange fat quarters 5 blue shades, scraps 

I will have the Perfect Circles available to purchase in class, at a discounted price, if you don’t already have them.  

I will be providing each student with one of my favorite needles and the use of my favorite appliqué threads.


May, 2018

Diane Evans

May 10  9:30-1:30 Quilt First, Then Add Color

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Mini workshops may be held after Guild meetings.  Here are notes from the 2010 miniworkshops

Beginning Quilting - January, 2010

Rotary Cutting - February 2010

Machine Piecing and Borders/Rotary Cutting - March, April 2010

 Faced Applique - Sept. 2010

The results of the May, 2010, workshop survey:WorkshopSurvey_2010.pdf