Quilters United in Learning Together

Q.U.I.L.T., Inc.

Guild History

With the U.S. Bicentennial in 1976 came a renewed interest in quilting among the people of the United States.  That was certainly true in Delmar.  People began taking quilting classes and from those classes, quilters began getting together to enjoy their activities.  Thus in 1977 women in the Capital District met and formed what later became Quilters United in Learning Together, Inc. (Q.U.I.L.T., Inc).  A timeline showing some of the highlights and leaders follows.

The group formed to learn more and share information about quilting.  The members became a group enthusiastic about spreading the joy of quilting, providing education, and providing comfort.  The group often has speakers and workshops to share expertise to those interested in learning new skills.  The guild has also provided workshops for children and others eager to learn the techniques.  The quilt show, first held in 1988 and biennially since 1991, provides a showcase of members talents as well as an educational opportunity for anyone interested.
The guild incorporated in  1995 and gained its designation as a 501 c(3) organization, providing education and service.  Service has been a continuing focus of the guild, providing quilts for a variety of organizations, including homeless shelters, battered women shelters,  Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, to name a few.  Q.U.I.L.T. also provides quilts to organizations which can then raffle them to raise funds for their organization.  The quilt show usually includes a Silent Auction of items donated by guild members, the proceeds of which are donated to a pre-selected non-profit organization.

The guild which started with 47 people has grown to have over 200 members, from many communities in the Capital District.  It continues to grow and provide education and service to the Capital District.

YearTermPresidentQuilt Show YearsOther info
03/27/1977      first meeting at Bethlehem Public Library, Sue Gillespie was chair; 47 people were present
Fall, 1977      first officlal newsletter by Charlotte Reinhardt; began meeting 2nd Fri of each month
  1977-1979    QUILT led by a different chairman each month; 100 members
1977   early organizers: Charlotte Reinhardt, Betsy Ellsworth, Margaret Tubbs, Joyce Strand
19791979-1981Sue Fillip    
1980      Guidelines drawn up
19811981-1983Ruth Shannon   adopted Cottage Tulips logo, Fall 1981
19831983-1985Mary Devane  Moved meeting place to the First United Methodist Church, Kenwood Ave.
19851985-1987Barbara Welch    
19871987-1989Barbara Lukovits    
1988    1st (1988)Show co-chairs Barbara Lukovits and Margaret Tubbs
19891989-1991Betty Guard2 (1991)Show year changed so that we don't match Q.U.I.L.T.S. (Schenectady) show schedule
19911991-1993Bev Reinhardt3 (1993)  
19931993-1995Alvine Dion (Nancy Schlegel VP)4 (1995)Guild incorporated as Q.U.I.L.T., Inc.
19951995-1997Jean Kallop5 (1997)501c3 status established April, 1995
19971997-1999Patsy Quimby6 (1999)  
19991999-2001Carolyn Olsen7 (2001)  
20012001-2003Bonnie Turner8 (2003)1st Silent Auction at Quilt Show
2002      First website in conjunction with Times Union
20032003-2005Carole Ju9 (2005)moved meetings to Delmar Reformed Church
20052005-2007Jan Fecteau/Jane Stearns/Sharon Levenway10 (2007)  
20072007-2009Mary Phillips11 (2009)Got our own website domain name: quiltinc.org and moved our website
20092009-2011Tina Raggio12 (2011)  
20112011-2013Holly Pennock13 (2013)Members who exhibited in the first show who are still exhibiting, culled from the first program, include Nancy Schlegel, Jo Wilson, Kathy Reidel. Bev Reinhardt, Mary Phillips, Marcia Hajeck, Barbara Gould, Lila Smith, Regina Weatherby, and Linda Miller.
20132013-2015Ardyce Elmore    
20152015-2017Ardyce Elmore14 (2017)  
20172017-2019Kathie Greenwold   
 Show chair, Susan Cortesi

Virginia Zajesky