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From our meetings ...

December, 2018

December Challenge - Heavenly Pursuits - Winners
  Click here to see photos
  1st place Ellen Zinni (#2)
  2nd Place Julie-Ann Fortran (#7)
  3rd Place Julie-Ann Fortran (#8)
  1st Place Lila Smith (#6)
  2nd Place Joan Byalin (#5)
  3rd Place Kathie Greenwold (#1)

Placemat project - winners - over 606 placemats collected
  1st Place Sue Jordan
  2nd Place Nancy Schlegel
  3rd Place Julie Stump
  Most Placemats - Ardyce Elmore - 174 placemats

June, 2018 - Fire and Ice Quilt Challenge Winners:

1st Mary Helen Collin #2
2nd Sue Jordan #8
3rd Kathy Burke #6

1st: Lila Smith #3
2nd: Sue Jordan #9
3rd: Becky Moran #14

December, 2017

Photos from the meeting - including Challenge entries:

  From Mary

  From Lucy


Placemat winners:

1st: Dona Pavlovik 

2nd: Julie Stump  

3rd: Nancy Schlegal 

Most placemats:Sharon Levanway - 73 placemats

Total placemats: 320 placemats to be distributed to 10 agencies

Color Challenge Winners:


1st: Jeannette Jorge (quilt #10)

2nd: Beck Moran (#17)

3rd: Kathy Burke (#4)


1st: Mary Helen Collen (#13)

2nd:  Sue Jordan (#3)

3rd: Sue Nye (#2)

Dec., 2016

Placemat winners:
1st: Dona Pavlovik  

2nd: Julie Stump       
3rd: Kathy Terpening 

Most: with 41 placemats - Julie Stump

326 placemats donate made, which will be donated to 9 agencies in the area.

Photo Challenge winners:
   1st: Carolyn Olsen (#5)
   2nd: Marcia Hajack (#8)
   3rd: Jeanette Jorges (#6)

See Photo Links (on left) for pictures from the guild meeting including the winning items.


June, 2016 - Pine Bush Challenge Winners:
1st Place #30 - Julie-Ann Fortran
2nd Place #29 - Mary Phillips
3rd Place #30 - Thea Kazmer

1st Place #4 - Noel Payton
2nd Place #3 - Coleen Corbett
3rd Place #6 - Sue Jordan

 Click here to see photos of quilts from this meeting.

December 11, 2015:
 Photos from guild meeting - click HERE
 Renaissance Challenge Winners
  1st place - #6 - Noel Payton
  2nd place - #4 - Susan Cortesi
  3rd place(tie) - #10 - Virginia Huerfeld
                   #3 - Kathy Riedel

 Placemat Project
  1st place - Marcia Hajeck
  2nd place - Julie Stump
  3rd place - Muguette Martel
  Most placemats - Fran Hahn (70 placemats)

April 10, 2015:
  Polka Dot Challenge winners:
    1st: Susan Cortesi - Bubble Gum Machine
    2nd: Patsy Quimby - Blue Bargello Circle
    3rd(tie):  Karen Gutterman - Parasols
               Marcia Hajeck - flowers in vase for Aunt Polka Dot

  Quilt Raffle winner: M. Keith

  Click HERE to see photos from the meeting.

Dec. 12, 2014 -
   Placemat Challenge Winners - 321 placemats were collected and distributed.
       Winner - most placemats - Sharon Levanway - 51 placemats
       Judged Placemats
          1st Place Muguette Martel
          2nd Place Dona Pavlovic
          3rd Place Julie Stump
    Guild Challenge - Scrap Fabric Runner - Viewer's Choice
          1st Place - Jeannette Jorges #12
          2nd Place - Becky Moran #11
          3rd Place - Julie Stump #3

  Click HERE to see photos from the guild meeting.

Jan. 10, 2014 - Placemat Challenge winners - 260 placemats were collected and distributed.
  Winner - most placemats Sharon Levanway - 35 placemats

  Judged placemats
    1st place Muguette Martel
        2nd place Fran Hahn
        3rd place Carol Zych


Dec. 13, 2013 - UFO Challenge winners:
1st prize - Susan Cortesi
2nd prize - Thea Kazmer
3rd prize - Cathy Burke

To see pictures of the challenge and show and share, click HERE.

April 12, 2013 - Carolyn's last meeting and State Flag Challenge. Click HERE  for pictures.
  The challenge winners are:
    1st: Marcia Hajeck - Kansas
    2nd: Jo Weatherwax - Illinois
    3rd: Carol Zych - Washington

Jan. 11, 2013 - Sue Pritt RoadTrip program
  Placemat Project Update  - 415 placemats delivered in 2012
  Prize for most Placemats:  Sharon Levanway with 92
  Prizes for Judged Placemats:
    1st Marcia Hajeck
        2nd Jo Wilson
        3rd Carol Zych

  Handout for Sue Pritt's RoadTrip lecture HERE

  Pictures from the meeting HERE


Dec. 14, 2012 - Program Committee Challenge - complete a UFO from a guild workshop - Winners:

1st  Ruth Dickinson

2nd Holly Pennock

3rd Sharon Levanway

Click HERE to see all of the winners and all of the Challenge Quilts.


June 8, 2012 - "Black and White and __ All Over Challenge" Winners:

1st Thea  Kazmer

2nd Sharon Levanway

3rd Sally Bauer

See photo links page for link to photos of all quilts

January 12, 2012 - see Photo link page for links to photos. 

      Jan 11 workshop rescheduled to Feb 9

December 9, 2011 -

Placemat Project
    1st - Patricia Rose
    2nd - Gloria Wood
    3rd - Marcia Hajeck
    Most - Fran Hahn

Holiday Block Challenge
    1st - Thea Kazmer
    2nd -  Regina Weatherby
    3rd - Ruth Brisee


April 8, 2011 -

Paint Chip Challenge Winners (26 entries):

1st Place - Sally Bauer (quilt #5)
2nd Place - Kira Hoelzi (quilt #21)
3rd Place - Terryann Lasinski (quilt #3)

 Click here to see all quilts from the meeting.  Challenge quilts are at the start of the series followed by quilts of our speaker, Joanna Monroe, and show& share.


January 14, 2011 -

The winners of the 2010 Placemat project were announced.  Over 500 placemats were made and delivered (up from under 200 in 2009).  The winners are:

1st Place - Fran Hahn
2nd Place - Carol Zych
3rd Place - Jo Wilson
Most Placemats made - Jo Wilson, with 51 placemats

Thanks to all who participated.  Joan will collect 2011 placemats anytime this year up to the November cut-off.

Sue Pritt has shared her handout about using graph paper to help design your quilts.  Click   HERE   for the handout.


Dec., 10, 2010 - Holiday Party

Photos from meeting: Lucy's pictures   

Challenge Blocks:

Holiday Block Challenge Winners:

Tie 1st Place - #4 Thea Kazner and #3 Marcia Hajeck

3rd Place - #5 Lynn Kane


Oct., 2010 - Marlous Carter followed by Show and Share

Lucy's pictures from the meeting

Sept. 2010 - Giant Show and Share

Lucy's pictures from the meeting


June 2010:

Mary's photos of Challenge Quilts and 2011 Raffle Quilt

Sue's Challenge Quilt photos

Lucy's pictures from the meeting


June 2010 Challenge - Going 'round in circles

1st - Jane Stearns

2nd - Ardyce Elmore

 3rd - Virgina Huerfeld

December 2009:

Placemat Prizes - 130 placemats collected and distributed.  Thank you.  The winners are:
1st - Marcia Hajeck
2nd - Dona Pavlovic
3rd - Jo Wilson
Most Placemats - Patricia Rose (16)


The winning placemats (l to r): 1st, 3rd, 2nd


Holiday Block Challenge
1st - Marcia Hajeck
2nd - Kira Hoelzi
3rd - Carolyn Dollard

 Shared Demos:

Simple Gifts -Coasters/HotPads

Stars From Stash

Uses For Quilt Labels

Mobius Scarf

  Kathie Alyce's Landscape workshop (Nov. 2008) produced great results by the next day.




Service Projects

Note: The guild has fabric available for QUILT service projects.  Contact Darlene Balfoort for Service Information.

  • Guild Service Day - March guild meeting
  •        PREFERRED SIZE FOR Guild Service Projects - TWIN SIZE
  • Quilts for Japan sponsored by QuiltBug.  Click HERE for more info.
  • Make a Fidgit Quilt for Alzheimer patients.  Directions here.
  • Make a Walker Tote Bag.  Directions here.
  • Quilts for Camp To Belong New York, offered by Parsons Child and Family Center.  Make twin-size quilts for the children who will attend.  Call Joanne Trinkle at Parsons for more info (518-426-2632) or email trinklj@parsonscenter.org
  • Nine-Patch Service quilts
    Use 2 1/2" (unfinished) squares to make 9-patch squares. Put off-white muslin in the center square; dark fabrics in the corners; med/light for remaining squares. Bring to the meeting or assemble into quilt tops (10 X 12 blocks).

    Or cut 2 1/2" strips of fabric for these quilts and bring them to the meeting.
  • Parson's
    1. Two twin size quilts for Parson's cupboard.
    2. Some throws for their TV room. These can be made of denim (which the guild has) or corduroy. Neither of these materials require batting. A good size for these is 45 X 45.
  • Flannel quilts for newborns.
  • Size is 35 X 36. These need to be machine tacked to eliminate dangling threads.
  • Capital City Rescue Mission
  • AMC, Albany Children's Hospital
  • Row by Row Service Quilt - Continuing

  • Cut 7 - 4 1/2 " dark fabric squares
    Cut 7 - 4 1/2 " light fabric squares
    Using 1/4" seam, sew the 14 squares in a row alternating dark and light.
    Press seams towards the dark squares.
    Bring to next meeting. These will be sewn into a service scrap quilt.
  • Some size guidelines - these are approximate sizes

  • Crib size 45X45 or 45X55
    Lap size 45 X 45
    Twin size: 65X95
    Infant size 35X35

    Jelly Roll Strip quilt directions
               video for project:   http://blog.heirloomcreations.net/?p=1897
               Cut fabric into 2 1/2" strips.
               Cut both narrow ends of strip at a 45 degree angle.
               It is important to cut them all in the same direction.
               Stitch these narrow ends together to make a strip\65 yards long.(not a typo)
                Find the two narrow ends and stitch the long seam.
                You started with 2340", you now have 1/2 that length, 1170".
                When you get close to the end cut the loop and finish the seam.
                Repeat this step 4 more times.
                You now have a top ready for layering.
                Tips: It is not necessary to have an exact quarter inch seam at the angled joints. It is not necessary to measure after each pass. It is not necessary to press the long strip before stitching. It is not necessary to press after each pass. Need I go on?
Relax. Have fun.



Placemat Project 

Make placemats (approx. 14” x 18”) to be distributed in December to various organizations which serve the elderly and home-bound.  The placemats will be collected all year at guild meetings.  Members who wish theirs to be judged for prizes must submit them by November each year, with the member’s name taped or safety-pinned to the back.




Challenge Projects

 June 2019 Quilt Challenge: “Africa”

 Your quilt should depict anything related to Africa. Include a 35 word description of your work stating how your quilt depicts this subject matter.

The quilt can be either a traditional or non-traditional design and will be voted on at the June 14, 2019 meeting.
Prizes will be awarded to the top three viewer’s choice in the two different categories.
To be eligible for this challenge, the quilt must
•    be started after the announcement of the challenge
•    have a perimeter of less than 144 inches
•    be finished (quilted and bound)
•    have no uncovered identifying labels

Please e-mail Sue Nye at suenye54@gmail.com if you have any questions.

December 2018 Quilt Challenge: “Heavenly Pursuits”

This challenge will coordinate with the Spring 2019 quilt show entitled “Celestial Threads”. Your quilt should depict anything related to the heavens. It could represent realistic characteristics such as the stars, planets, sun, etc. or spiritual/religious characteristics or anything reminding you of the heavens.
 Also, please submit a 35 word description of your work stating how your quilt depicts this subject matter.
The quilt can be either a traditional or non-traditional design and will be voted on at the December 14, 2018 meeting.
Prizes will be awarded to the top three viewer’s choice in the two different categories.
To be eligible for this challenge, the quilt must
•    be started after the announcement of the challenge
•    have a perimeter of less than 144 inches
•    be finished (quilted and bound)
•    have no uncovered identifying labels

Please e-mail me at suenye54@gmail.com if you have any questions.




Bus Trips




ByLaws and Forms

Expense Acct Voucher - updated 2013




Meeting Guide

This Guide to Monthly Meetings was created to help all of us to remember the features at each of the monthly guild meetings. If there is a check mark in the box, the feature is present at that month’s meeting.
Month Library Mini-Mart Show & Share Newsletter
September x x x  
October x x x  
November x x x x
December – Holiday Party     x  
January x x x  
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March - Service Projects       x
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June - Luncheon     x x