Quilters United in Learning Together

Q.U.I.L.T., Inc.

Quilt Show 2009 "Reach for the Stars"

Date: April 18 and 19, 2009
Saturday - 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday - 10 am - 4 pm
Place: Ravena Coeymans Selkirk High School, Rt. 9W, Ravena, NY

And the winners are .....

Q.U.I.L.T. Inc. QUILT SHOW 2009
Judged by:
Sandra Dorrbecker and Mary Walter
NQA Certified Judges

Special Judged Awards
Best of Show, Traditional 187J-My Hibiscus, Laurie Collins
Best of Show, Non-Traditional 829J-Lava Lamp, Jeanne Ayers
Best Entry, Hand Quilted 114J-Untitled, Lynne Shultis
Best Entry, Machine Quilted 302J-Twinkling Stars of Autumn, Jeanne Ayers
Best Entry, Traditional Pieced 101J-Double Sawtooth-1850 Revisited, Linda J. Miller
Best Entry, Traditional Appliqued 187J-My Hibiscus, Laurie Collins
Best Entry, Mixed Techniques 302J-Twinkling Stars of Autumn, Jeanne Ayers
Best Entry, Original Design 124J-Snowmen Aren t Only for Christmas, Thea Kazmer
Best Entry, Use of Color 802J-Underwater Seminole, Carolyn Olsen
Best Rookie Quilt 502J-Zany Zebras, Terryann Lasinski
Judges Choice
    Sandra Dorrbecker 856J-Make Room for the Ladies, Carol Newhart
    Mary Walter 844J-Tropical Leaves, Carolyn Olsen

Awards by Categories
    1st Place 222J-Hobbes Lives!, Peg Cerutti
     2nd Place285J-Pieces of Old, Marcia Hajeck
     3rd Place200J-Sophie s Quilt, Linda J. Miller
     Honorable Mention 199J-Welcome Spring, Norma Hahn
    1st Place 187J My Hibiscus, Laurie Collins
     2nd Place101J-Double Sawtoothed, Linda J. Miller
     3rd Place102J-Homage to Unknown Quilter, Linda J. Miller
     Honorable Mention 114J-Untitled, Lynne Schltis
     129J-Courthouse Steps, Nancy Schlegel
Traditional-Machine Quilted by Maker-Small
     1st Place161J-Sampler Trip, Patsy A.D. Quimby
     2nd Place111J-Floating Stars, Patsy A.D.Quimby
     3rd Place162J-My First Trip Around World, Lynn Cummings
Traditional-Machine Quilted by Maker-Medium
    1st Place302J-Twinkling Stars of Autumn, Jeanne Ayers
     2nd Place109J-Feathered Stars, Jeanne Ayers
     3rd Place250J-Day Lilies of Autumn, Patsy A.D. Quimby
     Honorable Mention 249J-Little Baby Tucker s Quilt, Peg Cerutti
     304J-Super Nova, Patsy A.D. Quimby
Traditional-Machine Quilted by Maker-Large
    1st Place135J-Bargello Garden, Patsy A.D. Quimby
     2nd Place107J-My Wish for my Grandchildren, Peg Cerutti
     3rd Place138J-Autumn Crossings, Marjorie Hopkins
     155J-Ryan and Becca Forever, Laurie Collins
     Honorable Mention 300J Green Stars, Susan Trulson
Traditional-Machine Quilted by Other-Small
    1st Place124J-Snowmen Not Only for X-mas, Thea Kazmer
     2nd Place201J-Asagao, Ethel Stoddard
     3rd Place178J-Kaleidoscope on Point, Thea Kazmer
Traditional-Machine Quilted by Other-Large
    2nd Place113J-The Kiss-Wonder Block My Way, Thea Kazmer
     139J-1930 s Revisited, Marcia Hajeck
     3rd Place117J-Once in a Blue Moon, Kathy Riedel
     Honorable Mention 121J-Christmas Joy, Shirley Ratta
     152J-Bloomin 9 Patch Revisited, Kathleen Burke
Non-Traditional Small
    1st Place843J- Misty Lake, Lila Hollister Smith
     2ndPlace874J-My Picasso, Muguette Martel
     886J-Life s Maze, Jo Weatherwax
     888J- Circlemania, Tina Raggio
     3rd Place856J-Make Room for Ladies, Carol Newhart
     882J- Santa Monica #4 Squares, Joan Byalin
     Honorable Mention 828J-Santa Monica #1 Storm, Joan Byalin
Non-Traditional Medium
    1st Place844J-Tropical Leaves, Carolyn Olsen
     892J-Borealis Over Yellowstone Lake, Jeanne Ayers
     2nd Place838J-First Sign of Spring, Jo Wilson
     881J-Mosquito, Lila Hollister Smith
     3rd Place845J-I Think That I Shall Never See, Mary Reich
     350J-Life In My Westerlo Woods/The Follower, Lila Hollister Smith
     Honorable Mention 830J-Garden Party, Jane Stearns
Non-Traditional Large
    1st Place800J-Pillars of Faith, Jeanne Ayers
     829J-Lava Lamp, Jeanne Ayer
     2nd Place802J- Underwater Seminole, Carolyn Olsen
     3rd Place817J-Scrambled Parrots, Lila Hollister Smith
     Honorable Mention 803J-Oriental Magic Tiles, Ardyce Gilmore
     806J-The Birdhouses, Barbara Brisee
    1st Place908J-Pandora s Coat, Lila Hollister Smith
    2nd Place902J-Purple, Of Course!, Marcia Hajeck
     906J-Big Man Jacket, Lila Hollister Smith
     914J-Peking Night, Carol Newhart
    3rd Place900J-Lavender Vest, Marjorie Hopkins
    Honorable Mention 903J-Patchwork Vest, Carolyn Olsen
President's Award (Mary Phillips) 193J-Through the Garden Gate-Lynn Kane
Co-Chairs' Awards
    Linda Clark 150-Hanamomen Moment-Kathleen Burke
    Sharon Levanway 174-First Batltimore Album Quilt-Laura Defino
    Nancy Schlegel 350J-Life in My Westerlo Woods,The Follower-Lila Hollister Smith
Guild Awards
*whimsical, amusing awards, open to all entries
* Awarded by the judging committee
    Useful Stuff Award 256-Walter's Quilt-Connie Danko
    Beautiful View Award 855-Solitude-Barbara Leonard Carkner
    Unusual Embellishments 889,890,891-Remember Love Dolls, Dawn Dolls, Childish Things- Susan Leath
    Made Us Laugh 149J-Leghorn Special-Tina Raggio
    Striking Use of Black 128-Lilibet's Garden-Jeanne Ayers
    Outstanding Quadricentennial Quilt 301-Henry Hudson 301-Henry Hudson Quadricentennial-Thea Kazmer
    Largest Star 103J-Nova Nouvelle-Ann Schaffer
    Great Use of Nine Patches Autumn Crossings-Marjorie Hopkins
Raffle Quilt Winner - J. Leavitt
Quilt Block Challenge - Show Viewers Choice
    1st Norma Hahn
     2nd Shirley Ratta
     3rd Karen Gutterman
     4th Jo Wilson
Viewers' Choice - Traditional-Linda Miller-Double Sawtoothed-1850 Revisited
Viewers' Choice - Nontraditional-Jeanne Ayres-Pillars of Faith
Viewers' Choice - Wearable-Carolyn Olsen-Patchwork Vest
Quilt Show Challenge "Reach for the Stars"
    Guild viewers' choice
    1st place 301JC - Henry Hudson Quadricentennial Thea Kazmer
    2nd place 302JC-Twinkling Stars of Autumn - Jeanne Ayers
     3rd place Linda Louie
     Honorable Mention 303C-Challenged Moose- Pearl Collins


Laurie Collins - Best of Show

Jeanne Ayers - Best of Show

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About our Guild
Q.U.I.L.T. meets monthly (September thru June) in Delmar, NY. We have been meeting for about 26 years and have about 200 members.
See Q.U.I.L.T. Home Page for details.
We have a Quilt Show every two years. Come join us in April, 2009.

Quilt Show Committee Meetings will take place the 1st Monday of every month until May, 2009, at the Bethlehem Community Church, Elm Ave., Delmar, from 9:30 am - 11:30 am.


Check out the special features of our show

Raffle quilt tickets


Quilt Boutique and Mini-Mart

Silent Auction

Featured artist gallery talk Sat at 1 pm

Fashion Show Sun at 1 pm

Quilt Appraisals


Kids Helping Kids

Quilt Block Challenge

Raffle Quilt

88" x 116" queen size quilt, beautifully hand quilted by members.

                                         Tickets available at show.

                                         Drawing on April 19, 2009














































Adirondack Quilts                                      Basics and Beyond

Baskets, Boxes and Things                      Dreamcrafters

Dyeing 2 Sew                                             Fieldstone House

Gloversville Sewing Center                       The Joyful Quilter

Priscilla Kibbee                                          Log Cabin Fabrics

Pam's Patchwork Patterns                        Patti's Quilting & Fabrics

Pookies Fabrics                                         Studio 55

Woodstock Quilt Supply                             Quilt Bug

A Notion to Quilt
























Featured Artist

Our featured artist this year will be Betty Pillsbury from Middleburgh, NY who is a nationally known teacher and maker of crazy quilts. She has appeared on Simply Quilts and has had articles in Quilting Arts and Piecework magazines plus many others. Her combination of needlework, crazy quilt piecing and wonderful fabrics will impress and delight all who see her work. She will also give a gallery talk at 1 pm on Saturday April 18. Her website is http://www.bettypillsbury.com/.

Fashion Show

Garments made by our members will be modeled to show a unique creativity in quilting skills. Jackets, vests, and coats from two of our guild workshops that taught bog coats and rectangular garments plus member's own original work will be shown. Join us for the this free show at 1 pm on Sunday, April 19th, 2009.

Quilt Appraisals

Kathie Greenwold will be doing quilt appraisals at the show. She will charge $30 for each appraisal and can do one for any quilt hanging at the show, or ones brought to her during the show. An appointment is necessary, so please contact her at LCGreeny@aol.com.



 11 a.m.             Demonstration:  The Design and Making of the Crayon Quilt

 12: 00 noon       Demonstration:   Paper Piecing

                                 Create Those Seemingly Impossible Shapes

 1 p.m.              Gallery Talk      Guest Artist:  Betty Pillsbury

 2: 15 p.m.         Demonstration:  Wrapped-Line Baskets and Totes

 3:30 p.m.          Demonstration: Woven Fabric Quilting


 11 a.m.             Demonstration:  Playing with the X Block

 12: 00 noon       Demonstration:   Applique

 1 p.m.               Fashion Show of garments and accessories created by the members of

                         Q.U.I.L.T. Inc

 2: 45 p.m.         Demonstration: Nine Patch Piecing


 Kids Helping Kids


















Jo Weatherwax will again be inviting kids at the 2009 quilt show to draw a quilt block for children who are ill or in need.She will take the blocks and make quilts out of them to give to a child or children. This is a great way to introduce a child or grandchild to quilting.

Information for Guild Members Concerning the Quilt Show

Quilt Show Challenge 2009  (Completed Quilt)

Spring 2009 Quilt Challenge
Reach for the Star
As we Reach for the Stars for our 2009 Quilt Show, we are also reminded that in 1609 Henry Hudson and his ship the Half Moon navigated up the Hudson River to Albany. Let us navigate with this star fabric a quilt that would inspire the journey of any voyager.
* Must be completed between June 2008 - February 12, 2009
* Entries must be finished with sleeve. One entry per person.
* You will start with one fat quarter. A recognizable piece of this challenge fabric must be used. You can add as much of the challenge fabric or any other fabrics to make a quilt any size.
* Must have at least one star block in the quilt.
*Quilts are due at the February 12 meeting. Voting will occur at this meeting. Quilts will be on display at the Quilt Show.
You can purchase challenge fabric with rules at the QUILT Inc. meetings or Log Cabin Fabrics 702 Starr Rd Ravena, NY 12143 - 767-9236
Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, place winners.
1st prize $50.00, 2nd $30.00, 3rd $20.00
Questions: contact Kathy Riedel or Susan Trulsen

Quilt Block Challenge

Create a block, 12 1/2" X 12 1/2" using required blue fabric (available at guild meetings and Log Cabin Fabrics, Ravena, NY.)  There is no specific theme for the block.

Blocks are due at the April, 2009 guild meeting.

Judging will be Viewers Choice at the Quilt Show.

Questions: contact Kathy Riedel or Susan Trulsen

Silent Auction

The 2007 quilt show will once again include a silent auction of small quilts donated by our members. All of the proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association, Northeastern New York.

The quilts may be pieced, appliquéd by hand or machine, quilted by hand or by machine and should measure no more than 72 inches around the outside. Please be sure to include a hanging sleeve or some other method of hanging the quilt. Each piece must have a label including QUILT, Inc. 2009 and may also include your name if you wish. Special QUILT, Inc. labels are available from Peg Cerutti or Ardyce Elmore.

Bags can also be donated. They will be priced and sold for the benefit of the Alzheimer's Association of Northeastern NY.

Sale booths

The Guild Boutique (generally consigment items and outright donations).

The guild will receive a portion of the sale price. Each item must include the maker's name and price (which includes sales tax) and an identifying number.   The guild will keep 10% of the proceeds from the sale of the item.  All members providing items for the Guild Booth will be expected to work at least 2 hours at the guild booth during the show. Proceeds from the Guild Booth will benefit the guild.

Members are also encouraged donate one item to the Guild Boutique which will be sold solely for the benefit of the guild (not consignment). 

Mini Mart
The guild will receive all funds from sales of the MiniMart items.

Items for both booths may be delivered to special boxes at monthly guild meetings.





















Quilt appraisals will be available for a small fee.  Contact Kathie Greenwold at lcgreeny@aol.com for information and an appointment.

Registration and other information

 See Registration Info for Quilt Show 2009 and Registration Form Quilt Show 2009

Postmark deadline for registration is February 21, 2009.