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Quilt Show Wrapup

Thank you to all who planned, volunteered, and attended our 2009 Quilt Show.  It was a great show - thanks to all of you.


Q.U.I.L.T. Inc. QUILT SHOW 2009
Judged by:
Sandra Dorrbecker and Mary Walter
NQA Certified Judges


Special Judged Awards


Best of Show, Traditional187J-My Hibiscus, Laurie Collins 
Best of Show, Non-Traditional829J-Lava Lamp, Jeanne Ayers
Best Entry, Hand Quilted 114J-Untitled, Lynne Shultis 
Best Entry, Machine Quilted302J-Twinkling Stars of Autumn, Jeanne Ayers 
Best Entry, Traditional Pieced101J-Double Sawtooth-1850 Revisited, Linda J. Miller
Best Entry, Traditional Appliqued187J-My Hibiscus, Laurie Collins
Best Entry, Mixed Techniques302J-Twinkling Stars of Autumn, Jeanne Ayers
Best Entry, Original Design124J-Snowmen Aren’t Only for Christmas, Thea Kazmer 
Best Entry, Use of Color802J-Underwater Seminole, Carolyn Olsen 
Best Rookie Quilt502J-Zany Zebras, Terryann Lasinski
Judges’ Choice
Sandra Dorrbecker 856J-Make Room for the Ladies, Carol Newhart
Mary Walter844J-Tropical Leaves, Carolyn Olsen 


Awards by Categories

Traditional-Hand-Quilted-Small1st Place- 222J-Hobbes Lives!, Peg Cerutti 
2nd Place-285J-Pieces of Old, Marcia Hajeck
3rd Place-200J-Sophie’s Quilt, Linda J. Miller
Honorable Mention199J-Welcome Spring, Norma Hahn
Traditional-Hand-Quilted-Large1st Place-187J-My Hibiscus, Laurie Collins
2nd Place-101J-Double Sawtoothed, Linda J. Miller 
3rd Place-102J-Homage to Unknown Quilter, Linda J. Miller
Honorable Mention114J-Untitled, Lynne Schltis
129J-Courthouse Steps, Nancy Schlegel 
Traditional-Machine Quilted by Maker-Small1st Place-161J-Sampler Trip, Patsy A.D. Quimby 
2nd Place-111J-Floating Stars, Patsy A.D.Quimby
3rd Place-162J-My First Trip Around World, Lynn Cummings 
Traditional-Machine Quilted by Maker-Medium1st Place-302J-Twinkling Stars of Autumn, Jeanne Ayers
2nd Place-109J-Feathered Stars, Jeanne Ayers
3rd Place-250J-Day Lilies of Autumn, Patsy A.D. Quimby
Honorable Mention249J-Little Baby Tucker’s Quilt, Peg Cerutti 
304J-Super Nova, Patsy A.D. Quimby 
Traditional-Machine Quilted by Maker-Large1st Place-135J-Bargello Garden, Patsy A.D. Quimby 
2nd Place-107J-My Wish for my Grandchildren, Peg Cerutti
3rd Place-138J-Autumn Crossings, Marjorie Hopkins
     155J-Ryan and Becca Forever, Laurie Collins 
Honorable Mention300J Green Stars, Susan Trulson 
Traditional-Machine Quilted by Other-Small1st Place-124J-Snowmen Not Only for X-mas, Thea Kazmer
2nd Place-201J-Asagao, Ethel Stoddard
3rd Place-178J-Kaleidoscope on Point, Thea Kazmer
Traditional-Machine Quilted by Other-Large2nd Place-113J-The Kiss-Wonder Block My Way, Thea Kazmer
       139J-1930’s Revisited, Marcia Hajeck 
3rd Place-117J-Once in a Blue Moon, Kathy Riedel
Honorable Mention121J-Christmas Joy, Shirley Ratta
152J-Bloomin 9 Patch Revisited, Kathleen Burke
Non-Traditional Small1st Place-843J-, Misty Lake, Lila Hollister Smith
2ndPlace-874J-My Picasso, Muguette Martel
        886J-Life’s Maze, Jo Weatherwax 
        888J- Circlemania, Tina Raggio 
3rd Place-856J-Make Room for Ladies, Carol Newhart
       882J- Santa Monica #4 Squares, Joan Byalin 
Honorable Mention828J-Santa Monica #1 Storm, Joan Byalin
Non-Traditional Medium1st Place-844J-Tropical Leaves, Carolyn Olsen 
      892J-Borealis Over Yellowstone Lake, Jeanne Ayers
2nd Place-838J-First Sign of Spring, Jo Wilson 
      881J-Mosquito, Lila Hollister Smith 
3rd Place-845J-I Think That I Shall Never See, Mary Reich
      350J-Life In My Westerlo Woods/The Follower, Lila Hollister Smith
Honorable Mention830J-Garden Party, Jane Stearns
Non-Traditional Large1st Place-800J-Pillars of Faith, Jeanne Ayers
      829J-Lava Lamp, Jeanne Ayer
2nd Place-802J- Underwater Seminole, Carolyn Olsen 
3rd Place-817J-Scrambled Parrots, Lila Hollister Smith
Honorable Mention 803J-Oriental Magic Tiles, Ardyce Gilmore
806J-The Birdhouses, Barbara Brisee 
Wearables1st Place-908J-Pandora’s Coat, Lila Hollister Smith 
2nd Place-902J-Purple, Of Course!, Marcia Hajeck
   906J-Big Man Jacket, Lila Hollister Smith
   914J-Peking Night, Carol Newhart 
3rd Place-900J-Lavender Vest, Marjorie Hopkins
Honorable Mention903J-Patchwork Vest, Carolyn Olsen
President's Award (Mary Phillips)193J-Through the Garden Gate-Lynn Kane
Co-Chairs' Awards
Linda Clark
150-Hanamomen Moment-Kathleen Burke
Sharon Levanway174-First Batltimore Album Quilt-Laura Defino
Nancy Schlegel350J-Life in My Westerlo Woods,The Follower-Lila Hollister Smith

Guild Awards


*whimsical, amusing awards, open to all entries* Awarded by the judging committee
Useful Stuff Award-256-Walter's Quilt-Connie Danko
Beautiful View Award--855-Solitude-Barbara Leonard Carkner
Unusual Embellishments-889,890,891-Remember Love Dolls, 
 Dawn Dolls, Childish Things- Susan Leath
Made Us Laugh-149J-Leghorn Special-Tina Raggio
Striking Use of Black-128-Lilibet's Garden-Jeanne Ayers
Outstanding Quadricentennial Quilt-301-Henry Hudson 301-Henry Hudson
            Quadricentennial-Thea Kazmer
Largest Star-103J-Nova Nouvelle-Ann Schaffer
Great Use of Nine Patches-Autumn Crossings-Marjorie Hopkins

Viewers' Choice

Quilt Block Challenge - Show Viewers Choice1st Norma Hahn
2nd Shirley Ratta
3rd Karen Gutterman
4th Jo Wilson
Viewers' Choice - TraditionalTBA
Viewers' Choice - NontraditionalTBA
Viewers' Choice - WearableTBA
Quilt Show Challenge - Guild Viewers Choice1st place -301JC - Henry Hudson Quadricentennial Thea Kazmer
"Reach for the Stars"2nd place  -302JC-Twinkling Stars of Autumn - Jeanne Ayers
3rd place  Linda Louie
Honorable Mention -303C-Challenged Moose- Pearl Collins

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